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Medical IDs 
Protect your loved ones in the case of an emergency. Give them a medical ID jewelry piece that says “I care about you”

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These 50-50 cotton t-shirt comes in various colors and have the AFI logo on the upper left front of the shirt. It's a great way of showing AFI support and that you are a part of the movement to cure blindness. Order Now
Aniridia Foundation International continues to strive to offer products for the aniridia and low vision community, and also promotional products to help spread awarenes about aniridia. Some of our partners even donate a portion of the cost to AFI!

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Aniridia Foundation International Store

"Aniridia and WAGR Syndrome: A Guide for Patients & Families"
Editors: Jill A. Nerby and Jessica J. Otis

This is the first book done by two people born with sporadic aniridia. They also have the added experience of being moms to children with familial (inherited) aniridia. This inspiring book has something for everyone and makes a great gift for teachers, loved ones, and friends. There are medical chapters by several renowned doctors, a chapter just for parents/family members, one for teachers, and two chapters of personal stories from many AFI members.

For those who are low vision or blind and use screen reader or zoom text programs, there is a CD and a Kindle version.

Books are being sold nationally and internationally through

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As Reviewed in Optician Magazine, February, 2011:

A summary and detailed information given by Oxford University Press:
As Reviewed at (5 out of 5 stars):
"As soon as our daughter was diagnosed with Aniridia at 2 weeks old), my husband and I began researching and looking for resources to help us better understand what challenges we were going to be facing. The Internet was FULL of differing opinions and facts about Aniridia and WAGR and we soon became very frustrated at the lack of conclusive information about it. When I found this book on the Aniridia Foundation Internation site, I bought it immediately, then ordered 2 more shortly after for our families. Aniridia and WAGR Syndrome: A Guide for Patients and Their Families gave us an understandable explanation of the genetics behind Aniridia, the reality of what challenges we could anticipate for our daughter, the names of numerous resources available to us, and practical ways to help our daughter live a happy life, but most importantly it gave us hope that she WILL be able to live a happy life! This book includes numerous personal stories of people living with Aniridia, and while they are very REAL and sometimes heartbreaking because of the injustices that many of them have faced, they gave us hope that our daughter will have countless opportunities that we originally thought impossible! Thank you Jill and Jessica for this book!"
Future Aids, The Braille Superstore
Find great products for people living with low vision and blindness.

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